Who is Malone?

In real life?
You'll have to wait a little longer for that.

  • 2014-2017

    Junior Dev

    In 2014 I began a software development apprenticeship based largely around Java. After completion I discovered that I enjoyed working around design and front end languages much more. I worked as a front end developer for one year before my career change.

    Despite changing the day job, I still actively design and deploy Bootstrap websites for clients whilst offering maintenance and SEO services.

  • 2017 - Present

    UX Researcher

    I took a career change as I began to understand the importance of user centric design more and more. User Experience (UX) is crucial to any projects success and I feel that needs to be emphasised more in the crypto space.

    I guess I could of seen this career change coming after discovering a passion around design.

  • Jan. 2018

    Crypto Fanatic

    I discovered crypto and what a ride it has been. After teaching myself how to buy Bitcoin, I have learned about the history of Bitcoin and blockchain technology itself. As well as books and endless resources online, Crypto Twitter has helped me progress whilst making the journey extremely interactive and entertaining.

  • Aug. 2018

    Crypto Trader

    It was only in August that I looked at my first chart seriously. I put endless hours into learning not just technical analysis but the importance of risk management. I am still a million miles from being the finished product (if there is such thing) but everybody starts somewhere.

    I used to see trading as a hobby but I now see it as a business. I had to change my mindset on this if I was to succeed.

  • Apr. 2019

    elevateUX Founder

    After working in UX for nearly two years, I thought it was time to transfer my skills and expertise to the Crypto world. I began by helping projects by giving them recommendations on how they can improve their user experience and realised there was a bigger opportunity here. This was when I launched elevateUX.

    To find out about the services we offer and more, visit elevateUX.io.

  • To be


I feel my broad range of skills can offer a service for everyone in the crypto space.
Whether you are working on a project or investing in yourself.


After helping out a number of teams in the crypto space, I thought I would take my UX skillset to the next level and open up an opportunity for myself.

elevateUX offer a range of services to help crypto projects improve their user experience. It's apparent to everyone that UX is an issue for adoption right now and we aim to help break down these barriers.

To see full details of our services and more, visit elevateUX.io.

Ask yourself this question:
"Ultimately if you aren't building for your user, why would they use it? "

Trading Collaboration

The purpose of this service is to invite anybody who is learning how to trade to join my Telegram group. It gives the opportunity to share ideas, knowledge and provide/receive feedback.

Whether its about technical analysis, risk management or generally anything crypto related, join the group and get amongst the chat with hundreds of other crypto fanatics. We are constantly helping each other improve.

I also actively use Twitter as a platform to share chart ideas and positions that I am currently in. I encourage you to interact with not just mine, but other traders charts as its a great way to learn.


As part of the elevateUX commitment to provide free content to the crypto community, we provide weekly UX Review Articles where we analyse the UI/UX of products that are being released by teams in the Crypto space. We feel our opinions on UX may be interesting for people to read but can also educate on what makes a good user experience.

To see all of the articles please visit the Medium profile.

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